Legal Services

Once a sale has been agreed, it is vital that this transaction is handled professionally and with the utmost care and at the same time, the transaction goes through quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, at this expensive time, costs need to be maintained, so a competitive lawyer/ conveyancer that offers fixed fees on a no sale - no fee basis, is important.

We believe that PDR Property Lawyers in Whittlesy, Peterborough offer this service.

Their fixed, no sale - no fee service starts from as little as £450 +VAT.
(Discounted fee for Brightmoves - Always Quote BM02)

Unlike most legal firms, PDR Property Lawyers can support both the buyer and seller during a property sale, and as there are no postal delays between the lawyers, a great deal of time is saved.

PDR Property Lawyers also provide Brightmoves with unprecedented access to the legal team outside of normal office hours. We have been given personal contact details enabling us to reach the legal team in urgent situations, even on Saturday's.
Greater support, if and when we need it and more confidence for all concerned.


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