Property Value Indicator

Before we look at your asking price, we need to establish if the presentation/ marketing material is acceptable. There are only two reasons why a property will fail to sell and these are presentation/ marketing & price.

Sure location, size, condition etc. are all important, but it always comes back to price and a buyer will buy any property in any condition, location etc. if the price is right.

If however the marketing is wrong, buyers won't know about your property or know just how good it is and if the presentation is poor, they won't give it a second look!

How to tell.

Well any estate agent worth their salt should have taken some quality photos and uploaded them onto

Rightmove is the UK's number one property website and if your not on it and looking good, your going to be missing potential buyers. This might be your only problem.

If your agent has taken photos like these below, then change agent. (Actual photos used!)

Below are photos of the same property taken by us a few weeks later.
(The other agent didn't even take a new front photo after the tall front fence was replaced)

If your agent takes plenty of photos of your property, obtains aerial views, produces floorplans, virtual tours and puts you in the paper once or twice a month, then even better.

Now we can assume that the marketing is right, lets look at the price.


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